Helios Y wins People's Choice Award at Display Week 2024

Each year at SID Display Week the visitors can vote for existing new products in different categories. At Display Week 2024 our new Helios Y 65 MP imaging luminance meter was chosen in the category Display Metrology.


We are excited about this award. Display Week 2024 was a great success. We never introduced more new products at once. We listened to our customers needs when we developed the new Helios Y 65 MP Imaging Luminance Meter. It uses our in-house made custom filters in a patent pending design, which allow us to achieve the highest accuracy possible.

The same filter technology is also applied to our colorimeters. We showed three new colorimeter probes: from high-speed color and flicker measurement to a dual spot probe and an 6-angle probe. Last not least we also demonstrated our high-end spectrometer Prometheus Viewfinder X, which got even more versatile with a new lens system, suited for almost any display application, including VR.